Resort Nuevo Mundo de Sosua, the home of your dreams in the Dominican Republic.

Resort Nuevo Mundo de Sosua:

holiday villas, real estate properties and holistic holidays in Dominican Republic

Located in the beautiful Dominican Republic, Nuevo Mundo de Sosua is an exclusive resort dedicated to wellness lovers.

Composed of twenty-one real estate units, perfect as holiday villas or properties for real estate investments in the Dominican Republic, twenty bungalows, SPAS, open pool bars, gyms, holistic center, restaurant and spaces dedicated to community life, Nuevo Mundo village is a real paradise in which peace and harmony reign supreme.

The concept on which the resort develops, in fact, combines the principles of bio-architecture and design aimed at the psychophysical, emotional, energetic and vibrational well-being of Vastu,  “construction science” is an ancient Indian science,  which is also called ” yoga of the house”the oldest holistic architecture in the world, arrived to us from India through the Vedas 5000 years ago. Designing according to the principles of Vastu means designing in harmony with the laws of nature and therefore in harmony with the universe. The use of these two disciplines has been updated and adapted to the needs of the new vibrational and energy fields of the Planet. 

The Vastu seeks to eliminate the negative energies of a place, of a house so that the people who live there can have a prosperous and positive life. The Vastu therefore aims to build harmonious buildings in places that are in tune with mother nature.

In this way, a resort is born where you can live unique experiences of their kind, in deep connection with nature and in the name of total relaxation – a refuge far from the daily chaos in which people can regenerate themselves through holistic paths, without sacrificing comfort and luxury.

To make the village even more exceptional are the renewable energy sources used to power the villas, the bungalows, the heating and lighting systems and all the structures connected to the resort, the water and food independence, given by the wells that equipped with particular filtration systems provide drinking water, microfiltered, alkalized and informed with bio-resonances, and 35,000 meters of orchard and orchards, the use of natural materials, environmentally friendly techniques and the presence of relaxation areas with typical roofs, repositioned on the roofs of the structures.

The Sosua New World Resort

Overlooking the beaches of Sosua (just 10 minutes) and Cabarete (just 15 minutes), the Nuevo Mundo de Sosua resort is spread over 65,000 square meters of land where:




Healing Garden


Common relaxation areas

Nuevo Mundo Olistic Residencial

Villas and luxury flats


Customised villas to restore your mental and physical well-being.

Luxury Flats

Luxury residences for your holistic holiday.

Your dream home in
Dominican Republic

Buying a home in the Dominican Republic:
an investment for life

Whether you are thinking of buying real estate in the Dominican Republic as an investment to generate a passive income or you are looking for a private holiday home, the villas and luxurious bungalows of the Nuevo Mundo de Sosua resort are a unique opportunity not to be missed!

Buying residential properties in the Dominican Republic is a great opportunity for investors, as you can buy modern homes at relatively affordable prices in some of the most beautiful and frequented locations in the world.

The Dominican Republic – and in particular the northern part of the island – has much to offer.

Crystal clear sea, pristine beaches, white sand, lush forests and breathtaking views combine with golf courses, restaurants, art galleries, entertainment and water sports centers, giving everyone unforgettable experiences and the opportunity to experience the country in the way they prefer. Precisely because of this characteristic, tourism is one of the most flourishing markets on the island.

Buying a house, for private use or as an income property, in short, is an investment that is worth making, especially if the property is part of an extremely sought-after and refined real estate dimension such as the Nuevo Mundo de Sosua resort.