Resort Nuevo Mundo de Sosua: book your holistic holiday in the Dominican Republic.

Resort Nuevo Mundo de Sosua:

holistic holidays in Dominican Republic

In recent years, more and more people throughout the year seek to carve out moments of relaxation, far from the everyday, to be dedicated to experiences that allow them to achieve the balance between mind, body and spirit. Called holistic holidays, these types of trips go beyond the simple contact with cultures, people, places or landscapes: they are true paths of self-transformation designed to get to better understand oneself and rediscover inner harmony and with the world around us.

Although the classic journeys around the world undoubtedly enrich spiritually, today there are many tourists who want to put the spiritual dimension and well-being at the center of all their experience. And this is where the concept of holistic tourism comes from.

Nuevo Mundo de Sosua Resort is one of the most beloved holistic holiday destinations in the Dominican Republic. 

Chosen by people who want to preserve or promote the health of the body, mind and spirit both for the location and for all the services offered, the village represents an uncontaminated oasis in a world where chaos reigns supreme, a place of light where everything is in harmony and nature vibrates in the fifth dimension.

Thanks to individual or group holistic paths organized and carried out by the experience of  Vincenzo D ‘amato, a doctor of psychology, hypnologist and hypnosis teacher, and the experience in the world of wellness of Marika Palermo, who for years has created wellness centers all over the world, in total immersion in the peace and energy of nature of the Dominican Republic, those who will take part in the holistic holidays at the Nuevo Mundo de Sosua resort will be able to discover a lot about themselves and find that well-being and that psycho-physical balance that they need so much.

Your holistic holiday
in the Dominican Republic

Resort Nuevo Mundo de Sosua in the Dominican Republic:

our holistic holiday packages

  • Stays in luxury bungalows
  • Equipped holistic centre
  • Private or group holistic tours with professionals from all over the world
  • Courses to learn different holistic disciplines
  • Common spaces for a life of sharing
  • Healing Gardens

Resort Resort Nuevo Mundo de Sosua in the Dominican Republic:
where we are

Nuevo Mundo village is located in Sosua, in the northern Dominican Republic. The resort is located in a strategic position: immersed in the unspoilt nature of a natural park and protected from the danger of life in large cities, the location is still within walking distance from the major attractions of the country.


away from Sosua, town with beautiful beaches, restaurants and shopping centers


away from the main road


away from Cabarete, one of the most popular areas for surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing


away from Puerto Plata Airport


flight from Miami – USA