Resort Nuevo Mundo de Sosua, your dream home in the Dominican Republic  

Nuevo Mundo de Sosua:

a resort in the Dominican Republic where nature vibrates to the fifth dimension

The Resort Nuevo Mundo de Sosua – Dominican Republic – wants to be a corner of paradise for all those who are looking for a space in the world in which to embark on a new path of life and exist in full harmony with nature and the universe.

Here where everything is so connected to the rest that it vibrates to the fifth dimension, reaching a new awareness – physical and spiritual – is possible and the village Nuevo Mundo represents a welcoming and safe space in which to travel the path of rebirth alongside specialists in holistic therapies and a community of people who share a life project aimed at achieving well-being and inner peace.

To achieve this goal, the resort was designed according to the rules of Vastu, the ancient Indian discipline that lays the foundations for achieving a fulfilling life through the use of architectural devices that can balance the strength of nature and the five elements.

The choice to share this adventure with people with similar views also contributes to the creation of a safe place where the energy of the universe is exalted and left free to flow. Great importance is given to community life – a factor that profoundly influences the vibrations and chakras of the place: there are many common spaces to encourage the sharing of experiences.

The architectural structure of the resort resembles that of a mandala, a representation of the infinity of the universe that favors the connection with the cosmos and with higher levels of consciousness and consciousness. At the center of the mandala has been created a spiral of energetic walking that envelops a huge Flamboyant or tree of fire, symbol of strength and healing.

“Gaia, the Earth, vibrates already in the fifth dimension and with the creation of this New World we want to offer people the opportunity to come into full harmony with it.”

Your holistic holiday
in the Dominican Republic

Nuevo Mundo de Sosua:

how the resort is structured

The Nuevo Mundo de Sosua resort aims to be a small oasis of peace and well-being surrounded by the unspoilt nature of the Dominican Republic, a place where energy is strong and pure. Together with the architect Paola Oliveri, Vincenzo D’Amato and Marika Palermo have created a space that allows people to connect deeply with the Earth and the Universe and where everything they need is provided directly by nature.

Great focus has been placed on energy independence, water and food self-sufficiency, as well as everything that can guarantee the psycho-physical well-being of those who live or stay in this place.

Let’s discover together all the elements that are part of the structure.

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area olistica e relax
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Gym and SPA
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To promote relaxation and individual psychophysical well-being, the Nuevo Mundo de Sosua holistic resort also has a common gym and SPA, always developed following the principles of Vastu, where Marika Palermo's many years of experience will guide a team of professionals to give unforgettable moments to those who want it.

energy walking spira
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The energy walking spiral rises in the center of the resort and develops around the huge Flamboyant that was planted there. The structure of the spiral is made to be traveled clockwise to allow those who follow their path to regain inner balance.

Holistic Centre
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Inside the Nuevo Mundo de Sosua resort there is a holistic center where Vincenzo D’Amato, his collaborators and a group of professionals, will alternate to hold courses, lessons and individual or group holistic paths dedicated both to those who live in the structure in a stable plan and to tourists.

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The architectural structure of Sosua's Nuevo Mundo resort is reminiscent of an Indian mandala. Starting from its center, which corresponds to the center of the land on which the village stands, the energy of the mandala branches off in a balanced way at every point of the resort to guarantee families and tourists that they can all benefit in the same way from this universal force.

The restaurant
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To guarantee guests who visit the resort for a holistic holiday and to give those who live in the village all the pleasures that the city offers without having to leave the property, inside the resort there is also a restaurant that offers cuisine from all over the world and many unique specialties of their kind.

Flamboyant - Tree of Fire
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Known as Flamboyant or Tree of Fire, this huge plant marks the center of thisoasis of peace and light that is the Nuevo Mundo de Sosua resort. Chosen as a symbol of the structure, this tree is one of the most well-known and appreciated plants in the world for its beneficial and healing properties.

Orchard and orchard
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In the Nuevo Mundo de Sosua resort there is also a vegetable garden and an orchard of about 35 thousand square meters. Here families will be able to cultivate in the community everything that is useful for subsistence and the achievement of food self-sufficiency.

Resort Resort Nuevo Mundo de Sosua in the Dominican Republic:
where we are

Nuevo Mundo village is located in Sosua, in the northern Dominican Republic. The resort is located in a strategic position: immersed in the unspoilt nature of a natural park and protected from the danger of life in large cities, the location is still within walking distance from the major attractions of the country.


away from Sosua, town with beautiful beaches, restaurants and shopping centers


away from the main road


away from Cabarete, one of the most popular areas for surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing


away from Puerto Plata Airport


flight from Miami – USA